Create Your Grocery Lists Sorted By Aisle (*** Completely Free ***) Organize your list and get your shopping done fast!

This program is a stand-alone application that runs on your laptop or desktop (if you are looking for a 'smart phone' app, then this is not for you). You can download it for free and then it is yours to keep. No strings attached. I created this for fun, not for money, and if it turns out you like this program, please send me an email telling me, as that is the real reason I'm making it available to everyone (I need all the kudos I can get).

Please direct all negative comments to your local, state or federal representative, so that they will be ignored.

Simply download the 2 files below, by right-clicking on the links, and choose 'Save Link As', and follow the simple installation instructions (should take less than 5 minutes) by double-clicking on file 'grocery-help.html', which is 1 of the 2 download files. You only need to do the 1st step (Getting Started) in this html help file to begin using the program.

Below is an example screen shot of the grocery program, and the sorted list that you would then print. You can have multiple stores, and as many grocery items per store as you want. The example below only has 24 grocery items, where 10 have been selected, for the current shopping trip. (You would typically have many more grocery items in your store, and select more than 10 for a trip to the grocery store).

Please email any questions you have to and if I'm still walking upon this earth, and still have my wits about me, I'll respond as soon as possible. Or click Contact Me

Example of Sorted List Printout

You can have as many grocery items as you want in the list. You can scroll through them, or use 'find' to locate them quickly. Every time you go shopping, simply update your grocery list items with their correct aisle, and very soon you'll have a large grocery list with the correct aisle information. Before you go shopping, select the grocery items you plan to purchase, and when you print the list, it will be sorted by aisle, as in the example above.

Who is this program intended for?

The ideal user of this program is someone that keeps a printed list on their fridge on which they write down grocery items they want to buy on their next grocery shopping trip. When they run low on an item, they put it on the 'fridge' list. They are not the shopper who needs to go down every aisle in the store to see what they need. Every item is already on their list. In summary, they're always updating their 'fridge' list anytime they become aware that they are either running low on some item, or that their is some item that they want to buy on their next trip to the grocery store.

On the day they are going to the grocery store, they take their 'fridge' list, open up the grocery application, and quickly select all of the items. When they are at the store, for any item whose aisle is currently unknown (marked by a '?' on the printout), they jot down the aisle. When they return home and have a few minutes spare time, they update the grocery item aisles, that they jotted down while shopping, in the grocery application. Soon, they will have built up their grocery store with accurate aisle information. And isn't that, after all, what you really wanted from the grocery program?